This week it’s the turn of Sammie from Shoes and Accessories to tell us what her favourite product this season is.  With such a massive collection of products to choose from at the back of our Fashion store it’s a hard choice to just pick out one product. Although Sammie’s favourite product might have been spotted out of hundreds because of it’s wonderful holographic design!

Sammie was super excited to show me the new Fitflop sneaker which she is completely in love with –  “Aren’t they fantastic?! Look at this shine!”  Sammie’s favourite product for the Spring 2018 Season is most definitely the Fitflop Silver Iridescent sneaker, she went on to say “This new design especially is so unique and colourful but the whole range of Fitflop sneakers are always super light weight and comfortable”

“With the weather so grey and miserable at the moment these are perfect, they go with anything and they’re sure to brighten up your outfit ready for the new season!  I can’t wait to see someone try them on!”