Soft Furnishings

Soft Furnishings

When you’re thinking about soft furnishings for your living room, dining room or guest bedroom, you’ll find everything you need for dressing your windows and adding those finishing touches in the first floor soft furnishings department, Goulds Household Store.

Our soft furnishings department is ideal for curtains, blinds, net curtains, curtain poles, tracks and accessories, cushions and throws.

Dress your windows with beautiful fabrics from our vast range of made-to-measure and readymade designs that we hold and don’t forget to add that finishing touch with a cushion and throw here or there.

Create a space that feels like you and emphasises your personality. Wow visitors, guests and friends alike with patterns you love, colours that inspire you and textures that offer the icing on your soft furnishings cake!

Don’t worry if you have a tricky window that makes a standard curtain pole or track job a nightmare. At the Goulds soft furnishings department, our extensive range of poles, tracks and accessories cover everything, from a flowing bay window to a more regimented one. And if we don’t have what you need in stock, we’re more than happy to order in for you.

Our experienced and helpful staff are always on hand to ensure you find what you need at a competitive price.

Soft Furnishings telephone: 01305 217813